As the championship has evolved over the last 2 years we have strived to create the best possible racing experience that we can within the confines of a VERY cheap budget sport.


We have learnt valueable lessons along the way that have enabled us to adapt and change accordingly.


It is now evident that we are by far the biggest and in my opinion the best Mini Bike championship in the UK.


For 2015 we plan to make the following improvements to both increase the enjoyment of the riders taking part and the viewing experience of our growing TV show audience, both here in the UK and all over Europe.



As most will know we are transferring to a state of the art Taghuere timing system for the start of the 2015 summer championship in March.


The system will enable us to have transponders for all riders along with having live timing available at the track through your Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop.


If you wish to purchase your own transponder we will charge you £49.95, the transponder is then yours to keep. This will also effectively make you a REGISTERED RIDER which gives you the following benefits.



Allows registered riders the opportunity to enter each event via a special page on the website 7 to 10 days before entry is opened to the general public, this means that no matter how big the championship gets there will always be a place on the grid for registered riders.



After every Race meeting or Test day you will be able to download all of your lap data for each event straight to your Smart Phone, Laptop or Tablet.



All registered riders will be eligible to a discount on all NMRRC run Practice days throughout the year.

















If you pay for your entry fee for all 10 Rounds in advance at a cost of £459.50 we will give you the Transponder worth £49.95  free of charge as well. This option will only be available up to February 10th 2015.




The new timing system allows us to broadcast the timing data live as it happens throughout each event.


Riders and Spectators can watch the timing on their smartphones, tablets or laptops as the races take place.


It also means riders can dowload their laptimes etc direct from the internet as and when they require.




We all like to think that those that race in the stock classes will all be using standard engines, I’m sure by far the majority are and that most of the bikes are on a similar level of performance & output.  However the simplest way of making sure this is the case is to police this is by the use of a trackside dyno.


A made for purpose low capacity rolling road dyno system has been made available to the championship, which will be used to make sure the engines used in the stock classes are all below a certain limit. The actual limit set for each class will be decided after a full program of testing has been carried out during late January and early February 2015.


The level set will easily cover the output performance of all STOCK engines used in the various classes, so if your engine is truly stock you will be within the limits allowed.


The dyno will also be available for Max BHP testing and or full diagnostic runs throughout Practice and qualifying  at the costs below:






These fees will help us recover the cost of the equipment over several years and also pay for the official to operate it.


After Lunch the dyno will only be used for post-race scrutineering. The Race Director or Clerk of the Course will ask the scrutineer to test the top 3 finishers and the fastest lap (if not in top 3) or random riders  at their discretion after each race. All the tested riders will be present and witness the procedure.  


If your machine fails the max permissible BHP test set for your class or you fail to present your equipment for testing before leaving Parc Ferme, you will be disqualified from that race and your championship points earned since the last time of testing your machine (post-race) will be removed. The Results will also be published on our website etc.




All the 2015 Championship rounds will once again each be shown on Motors TV.

We have increased the Production budget this year so that we can create a far better viewing experience.  For EACH round we will have the following:


  • On Board Footage - At least 2 On board cameras will be used for each filmed race. These will be allocated by a designated pit lane marshal as the Production team feel appropriate so as to tie in with the other filming taking place.

  • Kerb Cam - A kerb cam set low level in the fastest corners will be used where appropriate.

  • Static Cams - 2 to 3 static cams will be used at each track to greatly increase the amount of race footage available.

  • Drone Cam - Each round will have the drone cam airborne providing a bird’s eye view of all filmed races.

  • 2 Man Camera Team - Each race will be filmed by a two man team who will be coordinated along with the Drone Cam & on board footage by the production team.

  • Sponsorship Banners - Championship sponsors will have the opportunity to erect their own banners around the perimeter of the Track, their logo’s will also be shown on all rider interviews and results.

  • Rolling Graphics - During the show we will be incorporating 3 dimensional rolling graphics and banners showing the bikes and the specifications of each class & of course the class sponsors name / logo.



All of the above will create the best possible footage within the restrictions of what is a very small production budget in TV terms, whilst offering very cost effective promotion for not just the championship and riders sponsors but also for the sport as a whole.




All the 2015 Championship rounds will have Saturday practice available, most are 3 to 4 hours available pm or evening the day before the race meeting. 3 rnds have a full day practice before race day. We will have full Medical and Marshall cover for these practice sessions.




All the 2015 Championship rounds will have at least 2 medics covering the event. We feel that due to the number of entries we are receiving and with every sign that this will increase still further,  we should double up on our medic cover. Both medics will be fully trained and conversant with modern motorsport medical needs & practices.




For 2015 we will be introducing a new Junior Class.

The Bambino Class is for riders aged between 6 and 9 years old and is based on yx 88cc semi-automatic mini pit bike based machines. These will be available in both Super Moto and Mini GP formats on 10” wheels. They will all have the same engines and like the other stock senior classes will have a max BHP limit set.


These are very, very cost effective machines that are amazingly cheap to buy and maintain. It has been created to allow cost effective, budget racing  that offers a level playing field for young riders to both hone their racing skills and gain the publicity needed which is not dependant on the size of their parents cheque books.


The benefits to this class are

  • Incredibly low purchase cost. (approx prices shown below)

  • Stock engines policed by the trackside dyno means that you know your child is on a machine that’s as close as possible in performance to the other riders in their class.

  • Cheap replacement parts. (approx. prices shown below)

  • Maximum Publicity & Promotion.  The racing will fast become a major feature in our TV Show and will feature strongly in all our marketing and publicity features and events.

  • Clear Progression Path. After competing in the class the natural progression will be to advance up to the Junior Gearbox class for 10 to 14 year olds which is based on similar (slightly larger) machinery with yx 140cc 4 stroke engines.

  • We  also plan to introduce at some stage a minimum weight limit to further level the playing field.



Approx Prices for Bambino Class




Entry to one class


Entry to a second class


Family Entry (1 adult & 1 junior or 2 juniors)


Family Entry ( 1 adult & 2 juniors or 3 juniors)


Transponder hire if you havnt bought one for £50.00 (a £20 refundable deposit will be required) Per person per event


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Bambino Super Moto Style Bike


Bambino Mini GP Style Bike



YX 88cc Semi Auto Engine Kit


Spare Forks


Spare Shock


Spare 10" Wheels


Super Moto Replacement Plastics


Replacement Mini GP Fairing


10" PMT Wet Tyres (set)


PMT 10" Slick Tyres (set)


Replacement Handle Bars


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Maximum BHP Test


Full Diagnostic run inc fuelling levels


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Due to the massive growth in the championship over the last year and therefore also its turnover we will registering for VAT at the start of this years  season.


This does mean that sponsers paying for entry fees should be able to claim some of this back.  Will update more on this once registration has been completed.