Minibike racing is quite possibly the cheapest form of motor sport and it couldnt be easier to get started.


The BRITISH MINI BIKES team and their sponsors attend regular practice days at both Whilton Mill and Stretton circuits. During these sessions we have several members of the team on hand to answer any of your quieries and some of the sponsors have machines available for demonstration to help you make the right decision on which bikes to buy and classes to enter.


The next demonstration / test day is


March 29th 2015




Stretton Kart Circuit


Betweem 10:00 & 17:00 pm


Sponsors attending:






Please feel free to pop along and meet some of the BMB team and also some of the regular riders who im sure will also be keen to give you advice and tips. 


You will find we have one of the friendliest paddocks where everyone is always happy to lend a hand when needed.


Below we have answers to some frequently asked questions but if you need any further help please use the contact us form and one of the team will be in touch to help you.



How to get started in Minibike Racing

I would like to get my son / daughter into the championship whats the best way to get them started?

Kids between 6 and 9 years old can race in either of out two Junior Minimoto classes and also the Bambino gearbox Class. Kids between 9 & 14 can also ride in either the Mini Moto  or Junior Gearbox classes also. As with the senior riders it will benefit you greatly to come along to one of our test / demo sessions to meet the team and some of the existing riders.  They can point you in the right direction as to what equipment to buy. Once youve purchased your bike etc you can slso get in some valueable practice and allow the team to evaluate your readyness to race. Once racing the rider will need to wear a Novice bib for the first 5 rnds to enable other riders to identifu you as a novice and to take approproate action when approaching them to overtake.

Do I need a race licence

No you dont need a licence to take part, all we ask is that if you havnt raced at all before that you state this at signing on, a member of the team will issue you with a hi viz bib to be worn for your first few races. This enables faster riders approaching you to identify you as a novice and take appropriate action and allow you plenty of room when overtaking. It also allows the officials to keep an eye on you easily to make sure that you are riding safely and with care towards other riders. 

I already have a pitbike - what do i need to adapt it for supermoto and how much will it cost?

Basicly to start with you will need some 12" or 10" wheels fitted with Road or Race tyres (from approx £180 new but can be found 2nd hand for under £100) Hand Gaurds (£29.95 new) , axle bobbins (£19.95 new) and Footpeg sliders (£9.49 new) to protect your bike  and also more importantly the track surface. You will also need to drill your sump plug and lockwire it to make sure it cant come undone (this can save massive oil leaks across the track) and also fit an oil catch tray underneath the engine area, this must be capable of taking 1.5ltrs of fluid.  There are metal versions available (£34.95 new) but the bottom of a plastic jerry can can be used instead.


All of these items can be found at 

Is there Pre-Race day practice available at the Circuits?

At most Rounds we will have organised Pre-race pratice for the afternoon / evening before the main event. This is usualy between 3 and 4 hrs long (depending on the track) and is divided into classes (usually Senior Pitbikes / MiniGP bikes, Junior  Pitbikes / Mini GP bikes, Senior Mini Motos and Junior Mini Motos. Each Class will get approx 45 to 60 mins practice per class divided up into between 5 and 6 equal length sessions


The cost for the practice will be between £25 & £30 for the first class entered and  £10 per additional class entered. 


These events will be run by the NMRRC  and will have full Medical & Marshalling cover.


The above price includes camping for those that wish to stay over at the venue ready for the following days main event.



Im new to all this how does it all work on raceday?

For each event we publish a Running order / Schedule for the day on our facebook page. These are also available on the day.


Please arrive at the circuit between 8:00 and 9:00hrs to have your bike and equipment checked and to sign on (if you havnt registered online you will also need to pay your entry fee which is slightly dearer on the day). 


At riders sign on you will complete and hand in your signed scrutineering  and indeminty forms. At this time you will be issued with a transponder Number for each of the classes you have entered. The wristband that is issued to you with the transponder number must be attatched to the bars of the bike you are riding for each class.


Please make sure you attend riders breifing as this is important to make sure you are aware of any circuit or program  changes that will affect you.


Imediately after riders breifing the first class of the day will be called down to the holding area ready for their practice session.


Whilst the last practice sessions is being completed the first class will be called down to the holding area to receive their transponder ready for qualifying. The Transponder MUST be handed into the transponder marshalls as you leave the track after each session. This same procedure is used for each of the Race sessions as well so please make sure you are in the holding area in plenty of time to receive your transponder.


The average day runs as follows:







13:20     RACE 1 FOR EACH CLASS (between 8 and 14 laps approx depending on circuit)

15:10     RACE 2 FOR EACH CLASS (between 8 and 14 laps approx depending on circuit)



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