LEATHERS  - Full leather Protection  must be worn, if using a two piece set both halves must zip together correctly. They must be  in reasonable condition with no visible splits or holes. They must have body armour and back protective inserts. A good quality Mini Moto Suit must be worn for the  Mini Moto classes

GLOVES - Good quality race gloves with adequate leather ptotection.

BOOTS -  Good quality full length race boots for Geared Bike Classes and suitable Mini Moto or ankle boots for Mini Moto classes

HELMET -  Either Full Face or MX Style helmet with Goggles can be used but must have a Gold ACU Stamp clearly shown on them.

General Rules, 



Paddock, Pit Lane & General Behavior




Please only carry out repairs to your machine in your paddock area - DO NOT under any circumstances ride your machine up and down the paddock or the support roads, they may only be ridden in the Pit lane and on the Track. Race machines may be pushed, with engines running if required, to and from the holding area.

There must be no smoking at any time during refueling and engines must be stopped.

We would ask all parents to supervise their children at all times. Failure to do so may end up with you being asked to leave the circuit along with your rider who will no doubt not be happy that they have had their hard earnt points removed because the actions of one of their party. 

We will operate a zero tolerance policy towards bad or unlawfull behavior and will expect all who attend to behave in a responsible and considerate manner both on and off the circuit. We will not tolerate language or abusive behavior to be aimed at staff, organisers, other riders or their representatives for whatever reason. If you have an issue about any matter please discuss it calmly with one of the organisers and we will do our best to rectify the problem for you. 

Any person deemed to be behaving unlawfully, badly  or damaging & harming the track, its facilities, or associated facilities etc before, during, or after the event will be asked to leave  and their points will be removed from the championship. They will also not be allowed to enter future events until such time as deemed appropriate by the organisers.

You may bring your pet to the event  (unless a particular circuit specify otherwise), but they must be controlled,  a dog must be on a lead or contained at ALL times.

No open fires are allowed.

Barbecues must be raised off the ground and extinguished after use.

Some of the circuits will allow you to arrive the night before the meeting and camp over night or at least will know of a local facility that will allow you to camp. Please check this with the circuit prior to arrival. Again if camping over the night before please abide by the rules above regarding looking after the site and your behavior. 

Please remember that it is the responsibility of all of us to  ensure the venue owners are happy to have these Championships rounds at their circuits again, please do not abuse their trust in us as we will lose the venue for future events.

Bike Regulation, Compliance and Checks

Random checks of Bikes for regulation compliance.

There will be random checks on bikes to confirm they comply with the relevant class regulations, as and when we feel appropriate.  Also the top 4 finishing riders from finals will be pulled to one side and have their bikes checked on a fairly regular basis.  These checks will be carried out in front of and witnessed by all 4 riders.  Checks will be carried out which will highlight abnormalities in an engine  without the need to strip it. If  the bike passes these checks it will be deemed to meet the regulations. However if it fails on any one of these, we will ask the rider to strip their engine so it can be compared to a standard new engine we will have pre dismantled at the meeting. If the rider refuses to cooperate with this or their engine proves to not to be within regulations they will be excluded from the meeting and all their points to date will be removed from the championship table.

If however the engine is stripped and does prove to be within regulations they will be issued with a set of gaskets for their engine free of charge.

Accusations of cheating

If at anytime during the meeting a rider or their team feel another riders engine / bike does not fall within the regulations of the class they are riding in, they are asked to notify either Alan Lord or Martin Arnold. They will then be asked to pay a scrutineering deposit of £50.  At the end of the accused riders Final  they will be separated from the other riders and informed of the accusation made against them and asked if they agree to strip their engine so that it can be checked. If they refuse to do this or after checking, their engine is proven to not be within regulations they will be excluded from that meeting and their points to date  will be removed from the championship table. The £50 deposit will then be returned to the person making the complaint.

However if after stripping the engine it is found to be within regulations the £50 will be paid to the rider to cover the cost of rebuilding.

If an engine is stripped it will be checked for:

Cam lift & duration
Squish size
Gasket Thickness
Valve cutting / seating
Piston Type
Crank type
Carb size

We feel this is the easiest and cheapest way of ensuring as far as possible (within a budget sport) that bikes are as close performance wise as possible.

When you sign the self scrutineering card you will see that you are also agreeing to abide by the above conditions. If you do not wish or do not agree to abide by these conditions we would ask you not to take part in the championship as doing so would not be fair to the other riders.